Rebellious royals from past & present inspire an ironic grunge-meets-decadance aesthetic

A decadent and dramatic range, with ornate artwork, contrasting gloss and satin metallised finishes and luxurious embellishment. Soft, feminine pastel shades contrast with dramatic black and opulent champagne gold.

Montage-style artwork is inspired by palace interiors and flamboyant historical costume influences prints.

Ornamental typography is composed in intricate, heraldic, crest-inspired designs where anarchy meets decadence.

Vintage florals contrast with dramatic black flourishes which complement metallic gold and high-gloss finishes.

L-R: Radii Round Blusher (23L) | Radii Square Blusher (16J) | Radii Square Quad (17P) | Radii Round Pressed Powder (23J) | Diamond Trimline (52S) | Metal Primo with Charm (592R) | Radical Cube (19V)