A fun & fruity range that plays on the senses of touch, sight, taste & smell

Multi-sensory environments inspire a palette of fresh and bright colours, with graphics inspired by visual indicators of the senses, with naive fruit motifs and patterns combined with tactile finishes.

Colours are refreshing and bright with a bold black to contrast with the contemporary summer palette.

Typography and slogans feature clever plays on words as well as cute idioms referencing the senses.

Simple trims finish the look in dramatic black to accent the colours and wrap around components for a summer vibe.

L-R: Luxe Jar 30ml (335) | Azure Jar 30ml (34A) | Fortune Pot (33B) | Azure Jar 65ml (34B) | Trendstick (50S) | Cruz Hot Pot (32E) | 50ml Loose Powder (30X)