Inspired by the creativity of the Etsy generation

Consumers are seeking out bespoke products with an interactive, customised aspect as a reaction to the mass produced retail landscape. For cosmetics, this means customisable kits and versatile, multi-use products are essential, while artwork includes hand-crafting, paint effects and a range of contrasting, tactile finishes. Scribbles and painted streaks form abstract patterns in clean monochrome and fluoro pastel pops for a youthful, fresh aesthetic.

A rising need for constant self-expression encourages playful cosmetic looks with bold graphic eyes and quirky colour pops.

Contrasting texture is key with matt, iridescent, wood and metallic finishes enhanced with geometric art techniques.

Tying in with the raw, hand-crafted theme a wood pulp finish is used to highlight the trend for customisation and creativity.

L-R: Brow Brush with black Cupid Fibre Brush | Fusion Rectangular Matrix Quad Compact (23Y) | Coin Eyeshadow (90T) | Divine Round Diamond Trimline Lipstick (52S), Comb Mascara (57U) | Fusion Glass Lip Gloss Mini (610) | Large Meridian Pot with paper Top-Plate (Jar: 363) | Reflection Meridian Pot Small (365)