A sultry & sophisticated trend inspired by the rainforests of Brazil

‘Tropical Noir’ is inspired by balmy tropical nights with a sultry, sensual feel. The abundance of rich wildlife from the jungles of Brazil influences the aesthetics of the range for motif, finish and colour with wet-look and iridescent finishes taking centre stage.

Balmy tropical nights with a sultry, sensual feel inspired by the abundance of wildlife, flora and fauna from the jungles of Brazil.

Packaging features metallic finishes, ultra dark droplet effects, exotic artwork and subtle animal skin textures.

For a sophisticated range, dark finishes combine with wet-look effects and tropical tones inspired by iridescent creatures.

L-R: Radii Round Nail Polish (42Q) | Primo Metal Lipstick with Charm (59R) | Cover & Blend (57R) | Radii Square Pressed Powder Compact (16T) | Fusion Grande Bubbles Compact (12Q) | Magni Jar with Top-Plate (Jar: 30V/Cap: 15X) | Jumbo Mascara (58G) | Mega Lips Lip Gloss (55U)