Caribbean culture inspires hot, spicy tones, vibrant sunsets & energetically painted florals

‘Intense Spice’ looks to Mexican and Caribbean culture to inspire a trend of hot, spicy tones, vibrant sunsets and abundant florals. A flamboyant approach to summer beauty with bold and creative use of colour.

A vibrant, high summer range with energetic artwork and a rich, dynamic colour palette, which compliments decorative tile designs.

Colourful street scenes are applied to a mix of components to bring a contemporary aspect to the range.

Shiny metallised finishes add a high-end reflective quality to components, with vibrant colour blends.

L-R: Mousse Meridian Pot 25ml with Top-Plate (Pot: 385/Cap: 387 with recess) | Fusion Square Grande with Mosaic Insert (12Q) | Radii Square Domed Eyeshadow (90F) | Radii Square Domed Baked Blusher (23G/Top-Plate: 90G) | 120ml Skincare Bottle (846) | Astra Tottle 30ml (74C) | Magni Pot 5ml with Top-Plate (Pot: 30V/Cap: 15D with recess) | Maroc Lipstick (58D)