Like delving into a bag of sweets, this trend plays on the thrill of lucky dip, with a kitsch ‘anything goes’ aesthetic

‘Lucky Dip’ tells a story of surprise and indulgence, like delving into a bag of sweets, playing on the thrill of lucky dip. Vibrant colours and an exuberant jumble of textures define a positive mood.

The magpie approach of younger consumers is translated with mix and match styles like delving into a bag of sweets.

Colour dipped tropical wildlife, tasty treats and curious characters show an unexpected approach to design.

Paper components and flip technology top-plates feature kitsch collage designs where anything goes.

L-R: Radii Square Quad Compact with Lenticular Top-Plate (17P) | Divine Round Trimline Lipstick with Gel Top (52S) | Sponge Tottle 30ml (72G) | Radical Kit 3 Well Insert (16U) | Soft Lips 15ml (70J) | Double Ended Mascara/Lip Gloss (07784) | Paper Fragrance Stick (FRGST) | Double Level Cruz Pot (Small/Cap: 30Z/Pot: 31T)