Escape to the wonderland of the imagination

Dreamscape artwork has an other-worldly feel with pastel colour blends, molten metallics and fluid shimmer. Artwork has a mystical twist with crystals, holographic foils and iridescent finishes.

‘Crystal Skies’ features feminine dreamscapes in blended sunset tones, inspiring escape to a wonderland.

Pastel tones are softly blended to emulate clouds, underpinned by stark black and matt metallic champagne gold.

Coloured gradient sprays add subtle hints of colour, contrasted with overlaid geometric patterns.

L-R: Fusion Round Mini Lipstick (no ring 62W) | Fusion Round Deco Deep Pressed Powder Compact (94W) | Fusion Glass Ultra (63R) | Slim Wand (64F) | Waterproof Mascara (63U) | Magni Pot 30ml with Diamond Top (Pot: 34Y/Cap: 387)