Inspired by female warriors & new standards of beauty that celebrate women of colour

‘Fever’ is bright and bold, with matt vs gloss and shiny metallisation in ‘Emerald’, ‘Fever Pink’ and ‘African Violet’. The colour palette takes strong colour clashes and adds extra drama with stark black and a rich, metallic ‘Sahara Gold’.

Inspiration is taken from the animal kingdom with leopard spots and faux snakeskin in a rich shade of ‘Marigold’ orange.

A dynamic, logo features throughout in a yellow-toned gold; demonstrating the powerful mood of the trend.

Patterns are simple, energetic and hand-drawn, with abstract tropical leaves and dashed marks.

L-R: Fusion Round Mini Lipstick (No ring) (62W) | Fusion Glass Ultra with Diamond Top (64Q) | Magni Pot with top-plate (Pot: 34Y/Cap: 387) | Waterproof Mascara (63U) | Slim wand (64F) | Fusion Round Deco Deep Pressed Powder Compact (94W)