Blending traditional Japanese crafts with a highly contemporary aesthetic

A trend that is pure and honest, inspired by Japanese crafts blended with a highly contemporary aesthetic. Sophisticated yet natural-looking finishes employ splatter effects, intricate laser-cut designs and neutrals with red accents.

‘Serenity’ has a minimalist aesthetic with a natural feel inspired by traditional Japanese artisan techniques with natural finishes.

Typography is delicate and linear with cut-out sections to give an imperfect yet refined appearance with a contemporary aesthetic.

Subtle references to nature appear in artwork with simplified graphic leaves and angular petals with geometric designs.

L-R: Radii Square Pressed Powder Compact (16T) | Radical Square Mascara (830-VC5040D) | Astra Tottle 30ml (74C) | Radii Square Lip Gloss (60W) | Maroc Trimline Lipstick (60H) | Radii Square Eyeshadow Compact (16I)