Capturing a myriad of tones with captivating prismatic effects in dark, light & bright hues

A luminescent and free-spirited trend that combines extravagant sequins, glitter and jewels. Everything is sparkling and colourful with deeply saturated brights and colour subversions.

Vivid colour-shift finishes and abstract montage imagery of a tropical summer paradise are inspired by fantastical festivals.

Colour-shift finishes add luminescence with everything metallic, sparkling and colourful while holographic foils catch the light.

Touches of spiritualism and psychedelia inspire abstract montage imagery of a beautiful utopia.

Neon finishes bring an intense pop of colour to a kaleidoscope of summer brights with oversized scrawled typography.

L-R: Fusion Trimline Wand (66A) | Divine Pressed Powder Compact (980) | Flare Pressed Powder Compact (19I) | Beautopia Mascara (FL100/VK 171) | Radical Ultra with Diamond (67L) | Eclipse Eyeliner (FL126/VK208)