A premium collection with a palette inspired by the soft colour blends of a desert sunset

Inspired by serene desert landscapes with dusky hues of peach, terracotta and golden sands. Ornate decoration emulates jewellery and body art with delicate and feminine patterns. A golden glow and softly blended hues give subtle colour tints and layered effects. Metallics mix with sensory finishes, intricate laser-cut filigree and foiled designs.

Subtle colour tints and layering compliment delicate and feminine patterns in the soft colour blends of a desert sunset.

Metallics mix with sensory finishes and ornate and metallic decoration such as laser-cut designs.

Decoration is inspired by jewellery and body art with elegant and fluid ‘didot’ style typography.

L-R: Stiletto Lip Gloss (VK116/FL206) | Fusion Square Deco Pressed Powder Compact (97E) | Stiletto Mascara (VK116/FL166) | Fusion Square Deco Grande Compact (97D) | Fusion Square Mini Lipstick (66N) | Fusion Square Mini Lip Gloss (65Y)