SS21 – Hush

Get green & gorgeous with sustainable beauty packaging from HCP.

Sustainable, nature inspired packaging...

Get green and gorgeous with a contemporary interpretation of sustainable beauty packaging. Inspired by a tranquil reverence to nature, the ‘Hush’ palette is both calming and refreshing.

Underpinned by dramatic monochrome artwork, a vivid accent of energetic Bamboo Green lifts the overall aesthetic.

FSC and recycled paper tells a ‘reduce’ packaging story; printed with painterly bamboo graphics. Subtly textured finishes inspired by nature include ‘Granite’ and ‘Interstellar’ spray.

A ‘bamboo effect’ paper covers the palette interior for a tactile feel.

sustainable beauty & cosmetics packaging hush, paper palette, PCR, refill, bio-based materials

Clockwise from top left: Astra Tottle 15ml (78U) | Paper Lipstick (598/67T) | 13mm Standard Waterproof Mascara (63U) | 13mm Standard Lip Gloss With Paper Cap (55D) | 9-Well Paper Palette | Paper Fragrance Stick (FRGST) | Optique Solo Eyeshadow Compact (25R) | Radical Cube (19V)