An enrapturing escape from reality...

Escape to an alternative reality of dark fairytales and psychedelic superheroes. Hypnotic effects give an eclectic, festival feel.

Mesmerising colour-shift finishes and brightly coloured jewels elevate stock packs to trophy status.

Glitter finishes are dark and holographic, with llusionary designs enhanced by iridescent fliptone spray.

Clockwise from top left: Radical Lipstick (66D) | Radii Rectangular Domed Midi Palette (97U) | Radii Square Large Compact (9 Well) (16T) | Magni Pot (Small) With Jewel Top-Plate (15D) | Diamond Meridian Pot (Large) with Hinged Sifter (Base: 34C, Cap: 387, Sifter: 36O) | Radical Square Mascara (67O)