SS21 – Midas

Luxurious metallic gold beauty packaging with vintage appeal.

Midas... the golden touch

An unapologetically lavish sense of luxury is realised with Antique Gold metallic finishes and decoration.

Layered, fluted and faceted designs bring the ultimate glamour, with subtle contrasts of reflective high-shine and tactile matt finishes.

luxury gold beauty and cosmetics packaging

Clockwise from top left: Radii Square Diamond Grande Compact (12-Well - Ps Vac Form) (99L) | 13mm Radical Ultra (2 Piece Cap) (67L) | 13mm Magnum Square Mascara (6G8) | Radii Square Domed Fluted Pressed Powder (98N) | Fusion Fluted Full Size Lipstick (6G7) | Radii Round Diamond Solo Eyeshadow (23K/1E5) | Magnum Slimstick (6B7)