Visée – My Nudy Eyes

Japanese brand Visée (part of the Kosé group) is a contemporary make-up line designed for young adults that aims to offer a mature, yet glamorous look inspired by the latest trends. Launched as part of Visée’s spring 2019 collection, ‘My Nudy Eyes’ is a four-colour eyeshadow palette that offers subtly shimmering neutrals with a delicate pearl effect. The five combinations are coordinated to achieve an exquisite look for different skintones: ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’, Autumn’ and ‘Winter’, plus a universal set of hues that melt into the skin for a fresh appearance.

This custom palette, supplied by HCP, has a clever one-piece construction that features two feather motifs within the mould and an elegant screen printed script logo. A hot stamp in a stunning champagne gold has been applied over the top of a semi-transparent cover to give the appearance of a two-piece design. The sharp square, rectangular profile combines with a highly-portable size; making this a great eyeshadow kit to use on the go. The base is moulded in a subtle opaque nude colour.