Wycon – Tropical Glance

“We want make-up to strengthen your character & give you the confidence to break the mould.”

Wycon Cosmetics is an Italian brand founded in 2009 with the philosophy that every day, women should choose the beauty style that reflects their mood and describes their emotions. Novelty, Colour, Innovation: these are the values they draw upon to create cutting-edge products for everyday make-up.

The brand have selected the HCP-RUSI 14mm Tapered Mascara with Ellipse cap (VK178/FL166 SAN cap/PET bottle). The pack has been sprayed in a vibrant rose pink hue with a darker pink screen print logo to the bottle.

This high-definition, volumising mascara has been paired with the custom shaped MA7281 fibre brush; ideal to thicken the outer lashes while the tip of the brush reaches to the inner lashes in one stroke.