Yumee – Infinite Beauty

The Signature Collection: luxurious custom beauty packaging for lips, eyes & complexion - supplied by HCP.

An aesthetic that is both fashionable & precious, yet fresh & feminine...

YUMEE’s ‘Signature Collection’ comprises three highly ornate items with custom packaging supplied by HCP.

Each product draws inspiration from Chinese porcelain and silk embroidery with silhouettes echoing the glamorous clothing worn by the literati during the Tang Dynasty. 

The brand’s signature hues elegantly combine with a high-shine gold metallic finish for an aesthetic that is both fashionable and precious, yet fresh and feminine.

Synonymous with the style and sophistication of couture fashion, intricate gold and environmentally-friendly faux leather detailing emulates the allure of mini handbags and key rings. 

Luxurious gold and leather custom compact beauty packaging from HCP

Luminescent Highlighter Trio

An innovative bouncy texture melts into skin leaving a dewy and radiant complexion. Speckled with a subtle shimmer, each highlighter shade of copper, bronze and pearl accentuates facial features for a multi-dimensional glow.

Luxurious gold and leather custom eyeshadow compact beauty packaging from HCP

Dazzling VIII Eyeshadow

From high-glam metallics to a subtle smoky eye, multiple eye looks can be created with this double layered palette, comprising 8 colours in total.

Luxurious gold and faux leather custom lipstick supplied by HCP

Tassel Matte Lipstick

Unique Eversilk technology blurs fine lines for a totally even lipstick look that packs a highly pigmented punch. Each lipstick delivers a dramatic semi-matte finish with six shades curated to reflect a different mood and feeling.