Discover the *new* Lotus Skincare Collection

An ergonomically designed & cohesive skincare line-up.

Simple yet contemporary packaging appeal...

New for 2022, HCP are pleased to launch the ‘Lotus Skincare Collection’ – ergonomically designed with a modern curved shoulder profile that runs throughout for a cohesive skincare line-up.

The range comprises two high-performance atmospheric/dip-tube pumps with 50ml & 100ml capacities, a 150ml lotion bottle plus two slim-walled jars in 20g and 50g. 

For the ‘Lotus Collection’, HCP offer beauty brands a variety of pump actuator styles to tailor the packaging to their desired aesthetic. 

Ideally suited to the masstige market, HCP’s extensive added-value finishing and decoration techniques enable products to stand-out both online and instore.

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