HCP x Ancorotti – 13mm Promo Mascara & Eco-Flexi brushes

Featuring the 13mm Promo pack with three Eco-Flexi bio-based mascara brushes paired with Ancorotti formulas to provide excellent lash results.

Eco-Flexi brush: Feather Lash (SB0199)

A curved profile with nine rows of bristles and two loading arches gives volume, definition, curl and length to the lashes.

A high-coverage, creamy matt and vegan mascara formula enriched with precious diamond powder and flower-shaped fibres for perfectly sculpted lashes.

Lash Benefits:
– High coverage
– Lengthening
– Extra volume

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Eco-Flexi brush: Hourglass Springy (LRV0003)

With a new generation springy bristle, the hourglass-shaped brush achieves fast volume, curling and lengthening results. Ideal for soft and comfortable application.

The ‘Adore my eyes! Mascara’ creates beautifully full and long lashes with easy application, in just one coat. This mascara coats lashes with a soft true black formula, providing a striking, lengthening and volumised effect.

Paraben & TEA free

– Carnauba
– Castor oil
– Almond oil
Synthetic Beeswax

Lash Benefits:
– Longwearing & durable
– Glossy deep black
– Volumising & lengthening
– Moisturising & nourishing

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Eco-Flexi brush: High Definition (SE0005)

The tronconical bristles placed around a conical body gradually builds volume, length and definition for high-precision application.

A full-bodied formula that defines eyelashes, leaving them looking full and glamorous. A creamy texture for smooth application plus long-lasting and durable results.

Paraben & TEA free.

Lash Benefits:
– Definition
– Extreme volume
– Long-lasting
– No clumping

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