HCP X M:PLUS – Brow Obsession

Versatile & stylish packaging showcasing highly effective brow formulas.

Brow Groomer

A multi-functional pack that combines a slender twisted-wire brush to apply product with a two-sided tool to groom brows to perfection.

Designed to soften and blend coloured product for a natural appearance.

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Formula 1: New Brow Perfector

Suitable for lashes or brows, this formula is enriched with an active enhancer sustainably obtained by Blue Biotechnology. It improves volume for naturally fuller and thicker lashes and brows, with visible results in just 14 days.

Heart fibres inside the formula achieve a fuller brow effect by intertwining with natural lashes and brows to enhance each strand.

Active Ingredients:
– Rhus Succedanea fruit wax
– Carnauba wax
– Panthenol

Brow Benefits:
– Soft application to brows
– Volume & buildable finish
– Hydration for brows

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Formula 2: Everlasting brow cream

The ‘EverLasting Brow Cream’ formula is designed to achieve defined and perfect eyebrows throughout the day.

The high percentage of pigments gives an incredible colour release with high coverage. Thanks to the presence of siliconic powder, the formula dries quickly and leaves eyebrows soft and velvety.

Brow Benefits:
– Creamy texture
– High coverage
– Matte finish
– Fast drying

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Super Slim Mascara

A super-slim mascara with a stylish appearance, ideal for defined application to lashes and brows. HCP’s industry-leading decoration capabilities offer a wide variety of ways to create an individual branded look.

Paired with the ‘Single Taper Micro Brush’ produced in bio-based castor oil fibres, allowing for precise grooming with brow and lash product.

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Formula 1: Green Elixir

Suitable for both natural brows and lashes (including lash extensions) the ‘Green Elixir’ formula accentuates and shapes lashes and brows; making them structured and shiny with a delicate green reflection.

Active Ingredients:
– Cirus Junus fruit extract
– Ceramide B
– Glycerin

Brow Benefits:
– Vegan
– Coloured pop
– Structured lashes
– Extra shiny
– Hydrating, Restoring & Moisturising

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Formula 2: Brow Perfector Clear

The ‘Brow Perfector Clear’ formula is the perfect product to give brows a natural, volumising and lifted effect.

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The formula also has nourishing benefits and achieves visible results, in order to obtain flawless brows.

Brow Benefits:
– Lifted effect
– Fixing & long-lasting results
– Volumising

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