Introducing the ‘Essential Mascara’

Get ahead of the curve with HCP Packaging's industry-leading mascara expertise & sustainable innovations.

Easily adaptable packaging with a modular design, offering four combinations of cap & bottle profile.

‘Essential’ & ‘Pacific’ designs combine for a new mix and match range.

Cost-effective value packaging for all market levels.

High-production capacity output.

Generous OFC, inline with current market trends:
Pacific (tapered) PET Bottle: 14.7ml
Pacific (tapered) PP Bottle: 17ml
Essential (straight) PP Bottle: 19.7ml

PCR materials available:
Bottle: R-PP
Cap: R-ABS
Rod: R-PBT

Suitable for either fibre or moulded brushes (including bio-based materials).

3 rod, 3 LDPE and 3 NBR wiper options for optimum performance.

Click closure for a reassuringly high-quality feel.

Achieve unique aesthetics with HCP’s boundless decoration options.

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Eco-Flexi Brushes: A Revolutionary Bio-Based Material for Moulded Applicators

Eco-Flexi is HCP’s new and exclusive alternative material for plastic moulded brushes – set to take the beauty industry by storm!

A fully sustainable technology, Eco-Flexi retains the high-performance results expected from HCP’s precision-moulded lash and brow applicators.

Excellent compatibility for cream/washable and waterproof formulations.

Food grade, GMO-free and fossil-free.

Bio-based Fibre Brushes: Boost Lashes, Sustainably!

To meet clean beauty credentials, HCP supply and manufacture high-performance and customisable bio-based fibre mascara brushes, derived from castor oil.

Available for standard and selected ‘Spider Technology’ brushes.