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mascara container packaging supply and manufacture

14.5mm Pacific Mascara (Straight Cap)


The Pacific mascara stock pack has a luxurious tapered profile, with either a cylindrical or 'teardrop' cap. Read More

With extensive decoration capabilities and options for both twisted-wire and micro-precision moulded plastic brushes, this is a stand-out star of HCP’s mascara offering.

This item is compatible with multiple brush types, rod and wiper combinations to optimise performance.

This pack has a premium click closure and a decoration orientation feature to ensure a satisfying and high-end result.

For brands looking to optimise their sustainable credentials via PCR materials, the bottle can be moulded in 30% R-PP, the cap in 100% R-ABS and the rod in 50% R-PBT.

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Product Code

PP Bottle + Straight Cap: 65F | PET Bottle + Straight Cap: 65G

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  • Flared/Tapered


  • Height: 129mm
  • Diameter: 19.5mm
  • Neck Size: 14.5mm


  • PP: 17ml, PET: 14.7ml


  • Wiper: LDPE, NBR
  • Rod: PBT
  • Cap: ABS, R-ABS
  • Bottle: PP, R-PP, PET

Bottle Injection Process

  • IBM

Applicator Brush Options

  • Fibre Brushes
  • Plastic Brushes

Special Features

  • Click Closure

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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