Lip Therapy – A Sustainable Lip Gloss

Get Green & Gorgeous with HCP's Eco-Pairing with Regi Laboratories...

HCP are proud to collaborate with leading global fillers to qualify cosmetics stock packs, test on-trend formulas and present a unified approach to beauty brands.

For a luxuriously soothing beauty solution with a reduced environmental impact, HCP present a versatile and sustainable lip gloss stock pack manufactured in PCR materials; paired with Regi’s ‘Silky & Shine Lip Therapy’ formula.

Flocked applicator for lip gloss beauty packaging

Applicator: Ballet CH16007

The softly rounded tip of this flocked applicator combines with a two-sided flat surface for optimum agility during application.

Enter a new lip hybrid with the sheerness of a gloss and the soft feel of a balm. A luxurious lip-shine with a gentle, emollient texture that smooths and comforts lips with a deep hydration.

Natural Active Ingredients: 95.10%: GL121M (Pink) | 88.55%: GL121P (Nude)

Porcelain Flower Extract (Hoya lacunose): A powerful anti-inflammatory and calming remedy to soothe and protect irritated lips.

Watermelon Oil: Efficient antioxidant to protect the lips from oxidative stress, including photo-ageing. An anti-inflammatory that does wonders for cracked lips.