13mm Standard Lip Gloss (plastic cap) (Eco – PCR)


As part of HCP's Eco program to offer sustainable packaging options, this item is available moulded in PCR materials. Read More

The bottle is available in R-PET and the cap in R-ABS. The rod is POM and wiper is PE.

The timeless appeal of a cylindrical pack with the wide decoration options of an R-ABS cap. The round profile is complementary to the HCP stock Fusion and Radii ranges while the recess cap option is cohesive with the Fusion Deco collection. It is available with the Mini Bowl, Dome, Honey Dipper, Doesfoot, Mini Doesfoot, Geo-Taper and Brow Groomer stock applicators.

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  • Round/Cylindrical


  • Height: 105mm
  • Diameter: 16mm
  • Neck Size: 13mm


  • 10.4ml


  • Wiper: LDPE
  • Rod: PBT
  • Cap: R-ABS
  • Bottle: R-PET

Bottle Injection Process

  • IBM

Applicator Options

  • Moulded & Flocked

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia