Perfect Brows with the ‘Sculpting Brow’ Applicator

Create perfectly sculpted brows with HCP's sustainable bio-based 'Sculpting Brow' applicator.

Reshape the world of brows...

To quickly achieve brows with a fluffed-up, laminated effect without a salon treatment, HCP’s ‘Sculpting Brow’ moulded brush is a flat-backed design that can be used to coat each hair before pressing the brow into the desired shape.

Available in fossil-free, bio-based material Eco-Flexi, this applicator is perfectly paired with HCP’s stock 13mm Magnum Mid-Size Mascara.

Aluminium clad for a luxurious aesthetic, the exterior can be supplied in recycled aluminium from trusted sources.

Alternatively, the ‘Sculpting Brow’ applicator is also effective for coating arches with brow-boosting nourishing gels and serums to encourage brow health and regrowth.

Learn more about bio-based Eco-flexi applicators here.