Olay – Body Cellscience Body Lotion

A limited edition skincare launch by Olay x SmileyWorld - presented in a custom pack from HCP.

A lightweight yet premium bottle...

Launched as a limited edition collaboration with SmileyWorld, Olay’s Body Cellscience Body Lotion is a great example of how the brand is introducing a ‘Skinification’ aspect to their existing product lines. 

Offering the skin enhanced hydration and elasticity, the formulation contains B5 (panthenol) and high concentration niacinamide; ingredients usually used for facial skincare products which are now added to the body lotion for increased efficacy. 

The 210ml capacity and premium decoration positions this product as a masstige-prestige body lotion; a market level HCP is well-positioned to support. The lightweight yet premium white IBM PET bottle is finished with a pearl spray and decorated with a vivid 360º 4-colour screen printed graphic, demonstrating HCP’s excellent capabilities in precisely controlled printing processes.