cosmetics packaging with innovative fibre mascara brush applicator

12mm Slim Tapered Waterproof Mascara

Product Code: VK110/FL230

The Slim Tapered mascara has a beautifully slender profile with a softly tapered cap and bottle for ergonomic handling and a highly contemporary aesthetic. Ideally paired with HCP’s twisted-wire mascara brushes to achieve various lash looks.

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  • Flared/Tapered


  • Height: 136mm
  • Diameter: 18mm
  • Neck Size: 12mm


  • 13.5ml


  • Wiper: LDPE
  • Rod: PP
  • Cap: SAN
  • Bottle: PETP

Bottle Injection Process

  • EBM

Applicator Brush Options

  • Fibre Brushes

Manufacturing Location

  • Europe

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