Azure Jar 65ml

Product Code: 34B

HCP's Azure Jars represent a breakthrough approach to innovation in skincare packaging and provide three sizes of premium pack: 30ml, 50ml and 65ml. Read More

The base features an opaque inner jar with a thick walled transparent outer jar to create a unique suspended ‘jar within jar’ appearance. The inner jar can be produced in solid or sprayed finishes.

The outside wall section of the jar is moulded in PMMA to provide glass-clear transparency, whilst the inner wall section is moulded in opaque PP resin.

The base is fitted with a PP inner jar to provide excellent compatibility and product weight loss characteristics.

The cap combines three integrated components. The outer lid is moulded in ABS resin, providing extensive options for colour moulding, pearl or UV spray finishing, metallising and hot stamping/screen printing decoration. The inner lid (with thread detail) is moulded in natural or coloured PP resin.

The ‘top-plate disc’ is moulded in PMMA resin and this component can be colour moulded, UV sprayed or metallised and printed. A PE liner is assembled into the lid to provide excellent pack sealing performance.

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  • Round


  • Height: 57.35mm
  • Diameter: Ø74.85mm


  • 78ml


  • Double Wall Jar/Pot: Inner Jar: PP, Inner Jar: R-HDPE
  • Double Wall Cap: Inner Cap: PP, Outer Cap: SAN
  • Shive/Cover Disc: PP

Special Features

  • Thick-walled Jar
  • Double-walled Jar

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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