Luxe Jar 15ml

Product Code: 30B

A unique and innovative skincare jar specifically designed for prestige and luxury products, the Luxe Jar has a heavy walled outer jar in 'glass-like' PMMA, with an oval shoulder to round base profile. Read More

The thick-walled outer jar is injection moulded in PMMA with a PP inner jar and PP disc. The round closure is injection moulded in ABS with a PE liner.

The round plastic cap can be metallised or sprayed to achieve a luxury aesthetic. The Luxe Jar can be extensively decorated including internal spraying and external labelling.

The Luxe Jar is available in 15ml and 50ml sizes.

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  • Round


  • Height: 40mm
  • Diameter: Ø49.41mm


  • 18.6ml


  • Double Wall Jar/Pot: Inner Jar: PP, Inner Jar: R-PP, Outer Jar: PMMA
  • Single Wall Cap: ABS (with wad)
  • Shive/Cover Disc: PP

Special Features

  • Thick-walled Jar
  • Double-walled Jar

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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