Cruz Double Level Pot (medium)

Product Code: 31S Base / 30Y Double-Level Cap

The Double Level Cruz Pot is clever cylindrical pots that fit within the extensive Fusion Round stock range. Read More

The top section of the pot has a hinged opening feature and the lower section features a screw threaded twist-off pot with a curved profile. Both parts are fitted with high-quality mirrors and can be supplied with sifters (PP or PP/Mesh) in the base.

These pots are suitable for a wide range of powder or solid colour cosmetics products.

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  • Round


  • Height: 36.4mm
  • Diameter: 48.4mm


  • 9.3ml (with sifter); 22.8ml (without sifter)


  • Single Wall Jar/Pot: SAN
  • Single Wall Cap: ABS+SAN (with wad)
  • Loose Powder/Sifter: PP/R-PP, PP/R-PP/Mesh
  • Adhesive Paper Label Seal

Special Features

  • Loose Powder/Sifter

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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