Cruz Double Level Pot (medium)


The Double Level Cruz Pot is clever cylindrical pots that fit within the extensive Fusion Round stock range. Read More

The top section of the pot has a hinged opening feature and the lower section features a screw threaded twist-off pot with a curved profile. Both parts are fitted with high-quality mirrors and can be supplied with sifters (PP or PP/Mesh) in the base.

These pots are suitable for a wide range of powder or solid colour cosmetics products.

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Product Code

31S Base / 30Y Double-Level Cap

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  • Round


  • Height: 36.4mm
  • Diameter: 48.4mm


  • 9.3ml (with sifter); 22.8ml (without sifter)


  • Single Wall Jar/Pot: SAN
  • Single Wall Cap: ABS+SAN (with wad)
  • Loose Powder/Sifter: PP/R-PP, PP/R-PP/Mesh
  • Adhesive Paper Label Seal

Special Features

  • Loose Powder/Sifter

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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