Fusion Square Deco Grande Mosaic Kit


The Fusion Square Deco compacts offer a cover recess for enhanced decoration. Top-plates can be added in a variety of materials including metal, paper, textile, gel or plastic. Read More

The sharp square profile synonymous with the collection is effectively transformed for all market levels.

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  • Sharp Square


  • Height: 14.5mm
  • Width: 100mm
  • Depth: 100mm
  • Well/s Dimensions: (1x) W:42 x D:28.5 x H:4.5mm (1x) W:45 x D:41.7 x H:4.5mm (3x) W:14 x D:28.5 x H:4.5mm (4x) W:20 x D:20 x H:4.5mm (1x) W:90 x D:10 x H:6mm (Applicator Recess)

Insert Options

  • Insert Options: Multi, Vac Form, Square Wells, Rectangle Wells, Metal Pressing Pan, Applicator Recess

Special Features

  • Cover Recess
  • Mirror
  • Clasp/Finger Recess Opening

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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