Tottles skincare foundation packaging
Tottles skincare foundation packaging

Radii Tottle 15ml (Eco – PCR)

Product Code: 77L

As part of HCP's Eco program to offer sustainable packaging options, this item is available with a mono-layer tottle in R-HDPE and cap in R-PP. Read More

Available in 15ml and 30ml sizes and supplied with a PE reducer plug to control the amount of product that is dispensed.

The nozzle is LDPE but is available in 100% R-LDPE subject to customer testing.

The tottle can be colour-matched and decoration with screen printed or foiled artwork, while the R-PP cap can be colour-matched, metallised or spray coated.

The 15ml mini tottle is an ideal size for pigment drops highlighters, primers or any product that is designed to be mixed with another skincare product to achieve a customised result.

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  • Soft Square


  • Height: 79.7mm
  • Width: 32 x 20mm


  • 22.2ml


  • Bottle: R-HDPE
  • Single Wall Cap: R-PP
  • Reducer/Plug: PE

Bottle Injection Process

  • EBM

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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