Sponge Tottle 30ml

Product Code: 72G

The 30ml Sponge Tottle is soft and flexible, constructed from a two layer co-extrusion, exploiting the flexibility properties of LDPE. Decoration can be achieved by colour injection and screen printing techniques. The cap also has an option for a recess, allowing for various top-plates such as mirror, printed paper or gel designs. Read More

The Sponge Tottle promotes essential hygiene to care for sensitive skin and improve applicator performance. The synthetic latex sponge is free from irritant proteins found in natural materials making it safer for sensitive or acne prone complexions. The sponge applicator is detachable so is easily rinsed clean under running water to remove build up and ensure free-flow of fresh product.

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  • Round/Cylindrical


  • Height: 118.97mm
  • Diameter: 35mm


  • 44.5ml


  • Bottle: PE
  • Shoulder/Ring: ABS
  • Reducer/Plug: PP

Bottle Injection Process

  • EBM

Special Features

  • Sponge Applicator
  • Mirror

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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