Radii Tottle 30ml

Product Code: 77R

Available in 15ml and 30ml sizes, this tottle can be co-extruded in a variety of material mixes to offer different level of flexibility, with a PE reducer plug to control the amount of product that is dispensed. The tottle can be colour-matched and decoration with screen print or foiled artwork, while the PP cap can be colour-matched, metallised or spray coated.

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  • Soft Square


  • Height: 95.5mm
  • Width: 41 x 23mm


  • 40.5ml


  • Bottle: PP, PE, PE + Surlyn, PE + EVOH
  • Double Wall Cap: Inner Cap: PP, Inner Cap: R-ABS
  • Reducer/Plug: PE

Bottle Injection Process

  • EBM

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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