square paper palette creative packaging design by hcp square paper palette by hcp packaging design
square paper palette creative packaging design by hcp

Square Paper Palette

Product Code: 1F5

The Square Paper Palette has a deep, square design with a full-size mirror and magnetic closure. Read More

The freedom that paper palettes offer when designing graphics is pure indulgence. Seamless designs, full-colour printing and a wide choice of paper, laminate and special foils mean ambitious artworks can be achieved for a high-impact result.

FSC and recyclable/recycled paper is also available.

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  • Sharp Square


  • Height: 26mm
  • Width: 109mm
  • Depth: 106mm
  • Well/s Dimensions: 3 x Ø:20 x 7mm 3 x Ø:36 x 4mm (1x) W:90 x D:14 x H:7mm applicator recess

Insert Options

  • Insert Options: Metal Pressing Pan

Special Features

  • Magnetic Openings
  • Mirror

Manufacturing Location

  • China

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