2023-24 Trends – g.A.I.a

Showcasing next level cosmetics & skincare packaging with A.I. inspired aesthetics.

Be the future of beauty...

Combining the digital expanse of the beauty metaverse alongside rich mythological history, the g.A.I.a beauty and skincare packaging collection is an otherworldly vision of digital divinity. Created by ancestrally inspired A.I., a cybernatural goddess sits at the centre of this dreamlike trend, complete with holographic and iridescent shine.

A visionary collection with a soft colour palette of ‘Cyber Lilac’ and ‘Pixel Pink’, accented by ‘Intense Indigo’ and cool metallics. A futuristic interpretation of beauty aesthetics, featuring innovative items that consider accessibility and sustainability to meet the standards expected of the industry today.

HCP Trends - beautiful, highly decorated packaging for make-up, skincare and cosmetics

Emboldened femininity for the tech generation

‘g.A.I.a’ embodies a futuristic realisation of hyper-feminine aesthetics and everlasting beauty.

Progressive pastels and subtle metallics accent A.I. generated artwork to fully envision a fusion of new technology and beauty packaging.

Stunning premium compact packaging with futuristic decoration, supplied by HCP.

Radii Square Domed Fluted Brow Kit - 102H

The Radii Square Fluted Brow Kit has been transformed into a feminine and futuristic masterpiece. Featuring a cyber goddess revealed beneath a clear fluted top-plate, the compact is decorated with a matt Aura finish and iridescent effect for a show-stopping impression. Inside is a new brow insert decorated with holographic foil, accompanied by a perfectly precise dual-ended applicator.

13mm Brow Groomer with Promo Bottle & Eyeliner Brush - 503L

This versatile brow groomer is reimagined in satin silver and ‘Pixel Pink’ with a fine metallic gradient spray. The comb applicator is expertly colour-matched to the vibrant pack. To complete the design, a glossy silkscreen adds shine to further elevate the pack. The comb and eyeliner applicator combination is ideal for a wide range of brow care and cosmetic formulas.