2024 Trends – Paradiso

Another day in paradise inspires HCP's beauty packaging trend 'Paradiso'.

A beautifully serene collection evoking Eastern aesthetics infused with a modern energy...

Inspired by elevated eco-spas and sacred wellness rituals that revitalise body and mind, the ‘Paradiso’ trend evokes an ambience of tranquillity through immersion in nature and spirituality.

Featuring naturally-inspired, sensorial finishes such as ‘jade’ and ‘stone’ effects, anchored by a fresh, soothing colour palette of ‘Matcha Green’, ‘Lotus Pink’, ‘Star Anise’ and ‘Winter Jasmine’.

Smooth, frosted effects partially obscure floral designs, creating a soft, ethereal vision that captivates the senses.

Sensuous finishes & decoration...

Delicate yet exotic florals are encapsulated within frosted effects and tempered by subtly tactile finishes.

Semi-precious stones and minerals inspire shimmering patterns and 3D motifs, adorning cosmetics and skincare packaging.

Hues drawn from the natural world...

A radiant colour palette of verdant, organic hues that imbue energy, balance and harmony.

The collection...

Cosmetics and skincare packs with sustainable attributes have been incorporated throughout; signifying a reverence and commitment to sustainable practices.

A brow grooming pack and applicators manufactured by HCP Packaging

13mm Promo Brow Groomer with Brow Tip

A multi-functional pack that combines a blending brush and the asymmetric 'Contour Brow' fibre brush to build and define brows for a beautifully groomed, yet natural appearance. The overcap is given a frosted appearance with water-based matt spray; allowing the vivid green top-rod and brush to show through. The matt gold 'Paradiso' logo completes the look.

A double-ended lip gloss - manufactured by HCP Packaging

13mm Double-Ended Lip Gloss/Eyeliner

A double-duty pack ideal for travel or days spent at the spa; combining a cooling metal tip for soothing lip products with a super-fine tufted tip for precise application of nourishing serum directly to the lashline or to target sparse areas of the brow. 'Speckle Effect' gives the bottles a unique appearance; elevated with a matt gold aluminium connector and white logo.

Airless pump packaging for skincare manufactured by HCP Packaging

Affinity Airless Bottle 10ml

The latest addition to the 'Affinity Airless' line-up, this superior skincare pump combines nature inspired decoration with effective dispensing, product protection and enhanced hygiene. The overcap is decorated with a 'Speckle Effect' in on-trend 'Matcha Green', coordinating with a digitally printed floral design on the clear, frosted bottle. The aluminium-clad collar and actuator are anodised in matt champagne gold.