HCP x Necos Mascara Collaboration

A ready-to-go mascara & brow packaging, brush & formula solution for high-performance results

10mm Super Slim Mascara & Micro-brush

An ultra slender mascara pack with an elongated cap to aid dexterity and ease of application.

The super-slim fibre micro-brush is extremely effective for accurate product transfer; giving excellent definition and coverage to upper and delicate lower lashes, lash roots or brows.

A versatile choice for all types of formula including mascara, nourishing serums, primer, root and lash care, top-coat or coloured product.

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Formula 1: Lash Booster & Care

A formula for visibly longer lashes and boosted volume, with the highest level of comfort throughout the wear.

Use Day or Night as:
• Lash-care night mask: apply overnight to improve thickness and length of lashes.
• Volume boosting primer: apply before regular mascara to enhance and volumise lashes.

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Formula 2: Roots Elixer

Protect, grow and nourish: a fresh, water-based serum for brow and lash care.

The conditioning and lengthening formula enhances hair growth, keeping lashes and brows nourished and soft day after day.

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